Let’s take a break from wedding posts shall we? Penat ah, tak abis abis hahaha.

Since my boss has given his staff a break this coming Friday after Christmas Day, I forced Yan to apply leave so we can go … KL! 😀

Initially I had wanted to book a flight but got scolded by my youngest brother telling me to travel by coach instead. But the thought of sitting for 5-6 hours turns me off la but both brother and Yan said it is much much cheaper to travel by coach since we are going on the Christmas period which is true after I checked on the prices heh.

Soo coach tickets and hotel have been booked and paid for, now just waiting for tomorrow!

With that said, any recommendations on what and where to eat in KL? Sorry la ni kan my semi-virgin trip to KL (i have been there but that was many3 years ago so da outdated rabak la) I told Yan I want to go there just to makan and shop abit here and there but my main itinerary is to MAKAN! 😛

I know I sounded a bit jakun ah cos I only get to hold my passport AFTER I got married. My parents treated me like a diamond, takot nah hilang. So I did not venture out on my own except with my family, itu pun go across the border je. Lame eh!

11 thoughts on “KL-Trippin’

  1. Pavilion has TONNES of food places. Got Tony Roma’s, Sushi Tei, The Loaf bakery etc. Even the foodcourt pon sedap. If you’re into korean food, Dubu Dubu at Mid Valley Megamall or Berjaya Times Square is good!! There’s also a hainanese chicken rice shop beside Sungei Wang shopping centre but now alot of constructions there, abit hard to navigate. But you can try ask around!

  2. Berjaya time sq level 4 & 5 alot of restaurant. Pavillions has loads more restaurants and the biggest food court ive seen. Haha! Along bukit bintang has mediterranean-turkish kinda food. Bangsar has shopping centres n boutiques around. About 30rm from berjaya time sq to that area. Central market has alot of souveneirs n interesting stuff to look see n buy. Also has this one massage tempat at level 2 which is cheap! Have fun! 🙂

    1. Went to Times Sq yesterday but too tired to explore so much. So big ah the place. Today is Pavilion Day! Hopefully my tummy ready it hahahah! Thanks for the suggestions! Ni mesti da KL nye PR kan? LOL!

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