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Wedding Of Ardian & Shahirah – The Last Outfit

This entry was in my draft inbox since last week then I was in KL for 3 nights heh. so ANYWAY…

And finally… here comes the last part of the wedding – the … ermm … actually I dunno what to call it hahahaha! The last outfit? The cake-cutting? I cannot call it The Dinner cos we did not have a dinner reception ba even tho we were in “formal dinner” outfits.

Aiya whatever la.

I actually had wanted to just rip off the sanding outfit cos by then I was extremely irritated, panas, penat and achey already, blame the time of the month, of all days for it to make an appearance but we had one last outfit to go. The outfit that I was previously tergila-gila about during my outfit selection day 3 months ago. But that day tho, I wasnt exactly thrilled to wear it hahaha wth. Because I was cranky, achey, panas and penat already. I wasn’t really your blushing bride on that day. Nazri even laughed at me when my face kept cramp-ing on the dais.

Somehow we did not have time to relax or take a breather. Kak Nora touched up my makeup and reapplied some lippie. I loved how my face turned out but I didnt really like my hair. Kak Nora was very unsure about my hair cos it was naturally curly and we straitened it for easier handling and by that time, da keras gila due to lotsa hairspray and to brush out my hair, it might cause frizz. She did what she could and I wasnt happy. My fringe was flat and it magnify my already magnified face.

I texted my emcee’s assistant to tell him that we will be coming down in 5 and he replied ok. 5 mins later, we were downstairs and ABS was still chit-chatting away with my guests. Not blaming him la but we were downstairs waiting for our queue to walk in already but he masih nak berleteh. adoiii~

When we finally hear our walk-in song, we walked in and ABS was encouraging the guests to welcome us but the mood was lacklustre. I mentioned it once and i will mention it again, I think I have the lamest crowd la maybe because all are in the older generation group and there were no applause. We felt so unwelcomed at our own reception sia. ABS then told us to make a speech and guess what la guys, no one paid attention to us like WHAT THE HELL. Our family jangan cakap ah, they were busy still welcoming guests, salam meyalam and running here and there. Yan was like “ERR HELLO HELLO EXCUSE ME!” and that made ABS roared with laughter hahahaha kurang asam ketawa kan kita sia.

I told mama about it she said, “the food sedap sangat la I think thats why they ignored you” thanks mama.

Ardian + Shahirah257 Ardian + Shahirah258mane my white flag eh? My face really showed fatigue seh but Yan masih nak tersengeh lagi hahaha.

Ardian + Shahirah259 Ardian + Shahirah260 Ardian + Shahirah261 Ardian + Shahirah262 Ardian + Shahirah263

last pictures with our families, those who stayed until the end of reception.

We then took a few shots at our backyard. Cheh backyard eh, padahal carpark aje LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah273

with ABS’s lambo since he offered us. Backdrop so ghetto siol XD

We took a few more shots around the area and called it a day since I really tired and malas to go for our photoshoot already. I disappointed myself tremendously sia. Paid so much but lazy 😥

Ardian + Shahirah276 Ardian + Shahirah277 Ardian + Shahirah278

In pictures nampak mcm steady eh but in actual fact tengah PENAT BEYOND WORDS!

After that, I really threw in the towel already, gave up! My whole body was aching plus panas and sticky. Nazri kept asking “betul eh tanak pegi photoshoot?” over and over again.


Ardian + Shahirah282


8 thoughts on “Wedding Of Ardian & Shahirah – The Last Outfit

      1. Hahaha. Don’t dwell in it lah. I sampai sekarang menyesal sebab tak read out my speech that I prepared cos suddenly stage fright. Kita pulak had all the attention on us. Haha. Nway, all’s good and there are sweet memories out of the day mah! 😉

      2. alaaa kesiannye stage fright! wasted eh da prepare what to say and all skali pegang mic terus O.O hahahahaha!

        Yup, all were good and went well and Alhamdulillah for that 😀

  1. aww last pic so sweet! on the photoshoot, it’s ok la… kalau you tak feeling comfy also the pics may ter-capture your lethargy and not turn out that great also. manz I need to mentally prepare myself for the fatigue on actual day!

    1. nanti senyum captured on print smua cramp hahahahah! mayb i shud do a post-wedding shoot but hav to see our funds first la.

      yala, dun be like me pukul 4am baru nak tido -_- I shud have listened to everyone’s advice to sleep early but how to when you are feeling excited and nervous at the same time hahahahaha!

  2. So annoyingkan when guest tak pedulikan kita… Hahaha … Mine also. I request for big family photo with my last outfit, all my family busy themselves with the lauk packing. Hampa seh. Lol

    In any case its over already. Hehe

    1. LAUK PACKING LOL!!! thats even funnier seh hahahahahahaha!! I feel so bad for laughing but the way u put it so kelakar!

      yala, just as long nothing serious happened da ok. padahal masih bitter ni. I ade la worked up the courage to speak into the mic abeh at last takde org layan -_-

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