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5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – Day 1

Long overdue but I will just post for memories sake. Honeymoon ma. And also, it will not be wordy as I might have forgotten what had happened there hahahaha cannot blame me cos it has been more than 2 months since our honeymoon 😛

Day 1 – 29 October 2014

We left for the airport from our new home (yes we have shifted 2 days after the wedding. Entry to follow…i think heh) at around 8am-ish since our flight was around 10am like that. My parents fetched us and away we go. It was my semi-virgin airplane ride. I had my first ride when I was in primary school so it is obvious that it had been a looong time since I’ve travelled. passport kena locked ma. Once at the airport, we collected our flight tickets. I did not snap the “mandatory” ticket pictures cos our tickets were just pieces of paper hahahaha nothing spesel. But I got snap our wedding rings hahahaha macam la important sgt 😛


then it was time for us to check in. Mama hugged me so tight and burst into tears. I told her I will come back to her, don’t worry adoii~


my face was constipated because like I said, it was my semi-virgin flight and I was super duper nervous after news of missing airplanes and what have yous so I have the right to be nervous lo.

We reached Denpasar airport an hour and 30 mins later and I swear it felt like hours hahaha. I napped for awhile in the plane and woke up with a shock and could not sleep after that. Yan said I ngigau-ed. hahahaha tak pernah2 aku ngigau siotz. Anyways, I envisioned Bali to be all sun, sea and sand but when we touched down, I was disappointed with the view. We looked for our driver and spotted someone holding a sign “Pak Ardian” LOL LOL LOL! He drove us to our villa and dont get me started on the traffic pls. honk here and there but they did give way la unlike here 😛

Second disappointment was our villa surroundings. I assumed our villa was near the beaches or wat cos I thought Bali villas are surrounded by beaches but gua kena tipu sak. Our villa was located ke dalam dalam i dunno how to describe but when we enter the place, it was a whole different surrounding la. This villa pun was recommended by his friend so ya, we just followed lo.

20141029_142625_PanoPanoramic view of our villa. Yeap, private pool for us to … 😉

2014-10-29-14-19-10_photo 2014-10-29-14-19-36_photo 2014-10-29-14-19-52_photo 2014-10-29-14-20-08_photo 2014-10-29-14-20-28_photo 2014-10-29-14-21-03_photo 2014-10-29-14-21-32_photo 20141030_074301

no, the gazebo was not dirty. Just a group of ants partying. and …


… a panoramic view of the public pool which we did not use cos both of us hav “cute” body sizes hahaha. We were welcomed with a Welcome drink and cake (normal kan this one!)


We decided to just chill and rest in our villa on Day One and before I knew it, Yan was already snoring hahaha tak boleh harap seh so I decided to take a dip in our private pool.


ok la, my feet did the dipping 😛

Yan woke up before Maghrib and we decided to just order room service.


Food was so so la. After awhile, I felt peckish and Yan brought me out to buy some snacks to munch on. It was quite early still around 9pm but most of the shops outside were already closed and it was so dark. Luckily a shop near our villa was still opened and I made a discovery.


hahahahaha basket so small for wat! 😛

Ok la, end of Day 1. Oh ya, the villa we stayed in was Transera Grand Kancana Resort Villas Bali in case you ladies are wondering.


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