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5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – Day 4

Day 4 was all about shopping, makan and exploring on our own. And knowing me, I did not shop at all. HAHA so kental sak. As a girl, I really do not know how to shop. I will go into a shop, browse through and will be out in 5 minutes or less 😛

but First!, breakfast is the most important meal of the day LOL!

2014-11-01 08.33.21

Yan had poached eggs, I had scrambled eggs, both with the works and we shared some pancakes with syrup. We decided not to keluar so early so we arranged for our driver to pick us up around noon. Our guide was unavailable as he had personal stuff to settle that day. Hokays, 1 less person to tip 😛

After shopping or the lack of it (HAHA), we settled for A&W for dinner. The last time I had A&W was yearsss ago seh. Think I was in primary school back then.


Root beer floats and Waffles harus! But kan, they dun serve coney dogs anymore 😦 kinda a half-wasted trip seh.

While waiting for our waffles…

2014-11-01 17.55.50 2014-11-01 17.56.14 2014-11-01 17.56.35

We were wondering how come 1 piece of waffle can take so long to make. I told Yan, maybe they only have 1 waffle iron hahah stoppit seh. Service for the waffles damn slow or wat.

After dinner, we told the driver to take us to the outlet malls we spotted along the streets. We were there for 1hour or so before we decided to call it a night.


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