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5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – HOMEBOUND!

Finally!!! The day I have been waiting for, cos I was really homesick. I miss home, I miss my family, I miss *cough* SG *cough* Yay yay! Boleh balik! LOL!

We shall start the day with some breakfast shall we? Last day to wake up to free breakfast, all prepared for you ready to be served, the only thing you had to do was order.

2014-11-02 09.39.48

adoiii~ ni gagah ke gelojoh! mentang da kahwin je appetite all out eh LOL!

After breakfast, we finished packing our luggage and we were off to the airport in no time hahahaha happy giler seh aku. Yan was frowning all the way cos he was not ready to go home. Our flight was due in the late noon but we had to checkout at 12pm so we asked our driver to drive us straight to the airport but take the longest way possible la so that we could kill time. Upon reaching the airport, we got another 2 hours to kill -__- so we lepaked at one of the cafes there, munched on some nachos and drank coffee and iced chocolate. No pictures of the food but I got a picture of …

2014-11-02 13.44.20

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry la, I betul2 cannot wait to be home 😛 Im just a lousy traveller la. Or maybe I was unhappy that I kena “tricked” into a relaxing and rejuvenating trip. Yup, still bitter over the fact that I tak enjoy my honeymoon.

2014-11-02 16.50.05

Bye bye Bali!


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