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Ramadan Mubarak!

Sooo, it is my first Ramadan as a married woman, with my husband in our new house and away from my family. Felt very hmmm lain(?). Used to wake up to mama’s continuous “bangun la da pukul brape ni? Tak tahu nak tolong mama?” LOL! Now I’m on my own. Boo hoo!

Mama msged me last night to “besok bangun sendiri”


Sigh so sad or wat.

But izzokay, my husband is off duty today (reservist) and I know he will not sleep one so he was the one who woke me up this morning! A few minutes later, my phone rang and it was mama 🙂 See, I know I could count on her. She will cakap only tanak bangunkan but at last she will give a wake up call.

Ramadan Mubarak ladies!



14 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak!

  1. Salam Ramadhan! I am on my last ramadhan as a single lady. We always took advantage of our mothers and now we left independent. Sad feeling to thinking about it, but I am sure you will adapt soon. Insya Allah.

  2. I ate sahur alone cos Hakim kerja. It was quite peaceful not to have anyone around cos I am the grumpiest monster ever during sahur and I don’t like ppl talking, sniffing or sneezing during sahur (??!?!) hahahahaha! It was a nice change! HAHAHAHA

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I know and understand what you mean. Yan kalau drag his chair i will give him the loudest TSK everrr!

      hmmm, abeh kalau shoutings/screamings/singings at 4am u ok? LOL LOL!

    2. Hahahah babe!! Comment kau buat aku LOL. If Im beside you, confirm kene siku. Aku mcm tak tau kenapa, talkative semacam part sahur. lol. Salam Ramadhan to u ah!! & to Shahirah too! sorry kepo masuk convo, ternampak comment cute. Hahahha

      1. HAHAHAHA! nasib korang bukan sahur partners. pagi2 kene siku terus terbeliak and alert seh 😛

        Salam Ramadan to you too! and its ok, comment box is public 🙂

  3. Salam ramadhan to u babe! Heh I will miss my nenek waking me up for sahur.. She will be like da kul 5 nak bangun ke tak.. THen I check my phone, baru kul 4.30 sey.. Tipu tak agak2 seyyy hahahah

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