15.10.11 Dear Dyan
02.12.11 Elziii / A Quiet Wander


29.09.12 When September Endz
07.10.12 Unicorn Poptarts
01.12.12 When The Clock Ticks
22.12.12 Brideblabs / Anathyst


12.01.13 Chubby Bride Confessions
30.03.13 Janna & Hirman
31.03.13 Fluffy Prata
07.04.13 Few Stolen Seconds
28.04.13 NasAty
22.06.13 Tragedie Beau
29.06.13 Twenty Nine June
31.08.13 We Nak Kahwin
21.09.13 Building Our Love Nest
06.10.13 Nurin Marie
26.10.13 Feeling Feeling Kawin
02.11.13 Kahwin Khronicles / Hello Khronicles
02.11.13 Minute Blogette
15.11.13 A White Wedding / Perfectly Imperfect
23.11.13 FH Wedding / Redaffaire
23.11.13 My Daily With You
30.11.13 Chase the Bride / The Wan For Amal
30.11.13 Glitter on my Finger / XshazciousX
01.12.13 Kahwin X Jitters
01.12.13 The Next Phase
07.12.13 Seven Twelve Thirteen
08.12.13 The Wedding Plan
14.12.13 Pengantin Pelik
14.12.13 The K & S Wedding
28.12.13 Oh My Knot


10.01.14 Dreamers Alike
11.01.14 BabBling Bride
22.02.14 Dellaire
22.02.14 Projek Weddeen / Mod With Love
07.03.14 Special Seventh
15.03.14 Pretty Orkid
29.03.14 Dijah Faizal 29
30.03.14 Bride Side
05.04.14 Love In November
12.04.14 Of Another Wedding Bells
19.04.14 Twenty 0 Four
20.04.14 My Wedding Chronicles
26.04.14 Geek + Freak
03.05.14 Another Accidental Bride
23.05.14 My Bride Journey 2014
31.05.14 Our Future Tense
06.06.14 Farahanahz
07.06.14 Labelle Bride
07.06.14 Projects Charms
07.06.14 Team H Weds
08.06.14 Altar Your Thinking
14.06.14 Erratic Espousal
21.06.14 Five After 11
08.08.14 Wedding Jitters
08.08.14 Shafridahamlee
16.08.14 Buckets of Roses
16.08.14 FalFad Nak Kahwin / FalFad Dah Kahwin
22.08.14 Dalam Goresan Pena
23.08.14 Project Biryani / Rolling Nuggets
06.09.14 Eliblr
07.09.14 Tsuraraneko
13.09.14 Bridezilla Melayu
13.09.14 Jitters & Flutters
20.09.14 Awacazi The Wedding
20.09.14 Nak Naik Pelamin / Diyanah Wong
14.09.14 Especially Today
03.10.14 Tasha Sari
11.10.14 Eleventh October
11.10.14 Faithfully Yours
18.10.14 God Love Life Music
25.10.14 Great Bumpy Adventures
!!! 25.10.14 My Wed Dreams !!!
08.11.14 Kiss The Bridezilla
15.11.14 November Fifteen 2014
15.11.14 When Fauzi Meets Haniez
22.11.14 Our Wedding Journey
22.11.14 RaiMus Wedding Journey
29.11.14 JNE Since 09
04.12.14 Nat Gets Married
06.12.14 Syida Charmz / LesfChronicles
12.12.14 Twelve Twelve Bliss / Kayt, x
13.12.14 Bride Barista
13.12.14 Nuptial Nervosa
14.12.14 The Butterfly Bride
20.12.14 The 8 Year Project
20.12.14 The Pening Pengantin
27.12.14 True Love Begins
XX.XX.14 Big W Saga
XX.XX.14 Hot Butter On Toast
XX.XX.14 The Minah Kahwin Kahwin


03.01.15 My Pussy Katt
04.01.15 Erase & Rewind
10.01.15 Memories In Still Mode
17.01.15 Seventheen January 2015
25.01.15 Champagne&Tiffany
14.02.15 Cha Wedding Story
28.02.15 Slumber Nuisance Life
08.03.15 Eight March 2015
13.03.15 What’s Her Secrets
21.03.15 Wedding Bello
28.03.15 Sarcastic by Nature
28.03.15 Xschmellycatsx
28.03.15 The Double Fs Project
20.03.15 Princess Boyan Journey
18.04.15 Memoirs To Infinity
01.05.15 The Undercover Wedding
09.05.15 Tales Of The Wedding Kraken
10.05.15 Ten Five Fifteen
06.06.15 06062015
06.06.15 Frugalistar
25.07.15 Oh Purple Frosting
01.08.15 Asyida + Reen Wedding
08.08.15 The Future With You
15.08.15 A & M Little Secrets
15.08.15 SFED Love Story
22.08.15 #rinizam
05.09.15 Fizalicious
05.09.15 I Eat Your Cupcake
18.09.15 Afsya Wedding Preparations
19.09.15 Scoot Away
20.09.15 A Lil Bit Of You And Me
20.09.15 Diy`s Kecoh Kecoh Kahwin
20.09.15 Unchartered Miles
25.09.15 Di Sebalik Tabir Bride
27.09.15 Fireworks and Sunsets
25.10.15 Our Story Immortalised
31.10.15 Rant of a Bridezilla
XX.10.15 Fsquare4ever
07.11.15 Seventh November
08.11.15 FD Memory Lane
28.11.15 Aemii
28.11.15 The R & R Wedding
XX.11.15 SeryZuan
XX.11.15 The Eleventh Hour Project
05.12.15 #NFMAweddingbells
05.12.15 Esh.Ya Nora
12.12.15 E + H
12.12.15 My Kahwin Diary
12.12.15 Nunuaries
25.12.15 Twenty Fifth To Forever
26.12.15 683 Days / 738 Days
26.12.15 Latifah & Faiz Wedding
XX.12.15 Dancing Thru’ Sunday
XX.12.15 Lepak Jack Wedding
XX.XX.15 AisyaHaiqal
XX.XX.15 Bored Aishah
XX.XX.15 Corny Citizens Unite
XX.XX.15 Elements Of A Heiress
XX.XX.15 Magic Like This
XX.XX.15 The Hope Fulfilled
XX.XX.15 theUMZMaffair
XX.XX.15 05 Nine


02.01.16 Project Fullah Shyda
03.01.16 SAF Nak Kahwin
10.01.16 Journey to Mr. & Mrs.
16.01.16 The FS Love Story
30.01.16 The AzanAifa Story
12.02.16 The Mr And Mrs Z
13.02.16 Our Own Fairy Tale
12.03.16 Project #FARERLYEVERAFTER
12.03.16 With Love, Shila
13.03.16 HL Wedding Journey
26.03.16 #ShaZila
21.04.16 Curious Case Of A Bride
08.05.16 A Cinderella Fairytale
21.05.16 Eat Cakes For Breakfast
28.05.16 Here For A Reason
XX.05.16 The Last Rose Petal
20.08.16 Kepak Bing Bing
27.08.16 Hana Hamzah
16.09.16 Infinity 20Sixteen
17.09.16 Chill
24.09.16 Another Kahwin Kraze
01.10.16 Hello 1st October
15.10.16 Eh! Nak Kahwin / MiSai
22.10.16 My Flair Affair
29.10.16 Muhammad + Hanis
02.11.16 Route 2 Wed
05.11.16 Dfiee
05.11.16 The 7th Year Plan
05.11.16 Velvet Pop
12.11.16 Fickle Minded Pengantin
19.11.16 Living With Nyna
20.11.16 Project Halal
26.11.16 Faith In Love And You
26.11.16 Towards Forever
27.11.16 Take My HanD
XX.11.16 10 Silver Bangles
10.12.16 Journey As RDAEFSI
16.12.16 Our Time Capsule
25.12.16 The SD Wedding
XX.12.16 E32H / Curiosity Kills
XX.XX.16 Fynaz
XX.XX.16 The Kahwin Diaries
XX.XX.16 Walk It Out In High Heels
XX.XX.16 ZZanyy


XX.01.17 You Make Me Wanna Say I Do
25.03.17 Life Begins After Kopi
16.04.17 #ANWEDDING2017
XX.XX.17 Day To Forget


XX.XX.18 DA Wedd Project

XX.11.XX November Bride

XX.XX.XX D-Twinklely Wedding Affair
XX.XX.XX HaneyKye
XX.XX.XX I Am Siti Sulyana
XX.XX.XX Ijab-Qabul
XX.XX.XX Like Finally It Happens
XX.XX.XX Live.Love.Laugh.Life of Liyana
XX.XX.XX Ms Coneflower
XX.XX.XX NN Dreamy Affair
XX.XX.XX Skittles Over A Rainbow
XX.XX.XX Wedding Fetish
XX.XX.XX Zebrasox
XX.XX.XX Through a Transition
XX.XX.XX Not Just Another
XX.XX.XX Mak, Nak Kahwin
XX.XX.XX Lepak Queen
XX.XX.XX Road To A Happy Ending
XX.XX.XX Wedworks


35 thoughts on “Brides

  1. Hello dear (:

    Chanced upon your blog, I’m Sirah btw from “IEatYourCupcake”. Happened to see my link here. Just to let you know my wedding will be in 2015 not 2016. 05 Sept to be exact, hehe. You may update if you want. Anyway, nice blog you have. May your planning be a smooth sailing one ya, insyallah.


    1. Hello!

      alamak, sorry! memandai aje me tukarkan org nye wedding nye. klau boleh nak cepat2 kahwin eh LOL!

      Thank you for the well wishes, and same goes for you too 🙂

    1. In Shaa Allah all will be smooth sailing for u la 🙂

      oh, i da move in to my new hse 2 days after my wedding day cuma belum update. I want to clear the wedding backlog first, konon tutup chapter la before opening new one heh!

  2. Hello! I have been at your bride roll for two days now hopping from one blog to another. So extensive I LIKE! Hehehe
    And I saw my link “E32H” yaaay mcm happy gitu kena recognize haha. Btw if you want to put it in your awesome timeline, our date is in Dec 2016 for now.

  3. HI HAHAHA I’ve always been (silently) stalking this blog and especially this page to look at other btb blogs because this blog super comprehensive hahaha so umm….imagine my horror when I saw my blog here hahaha I am not over the shock lor. InsyaAllah mine will be on 5 Nov 2016 heheheh

    1. hahahahah! Hape pulak horror?! U shud feel honoured! Cheh nak honoured pun for wat eh. Mcm la BTB walk of fame 😛 in this BTB world, one cannot be silent. Mesti ter-caught jugak in the end hehehe!

      1. Hahaha terperanjat je laaa. Yah I’ve been caught omgz hehhe. Well technically mine is not exactly a wedding blog since I don’t talk much about the wedding……but oklah thanks for linking me up. Yours will be linked too!! Thanks for this list, really helps a lot hehehe

  4. macam tkde orang je nk kawin in 2017… haha.. always looking around for 2017 btb bloggers tapi mcm tk jumpe.. everybody getting married on 2016 seh… most of my friends also in 2016.. mcm popular year eh…

  5. Me me me! Hehe I’m getting married in shaa Allah 2017! & hello shahirah, hehe we were dining neighbours@ aquamarine time Good Friday hehe

    1. Hahh ade pun! And hello dining neighbour! My husband and i sardine je eh masuk frame LOL!

      Eh why u lock ur blog? In BTB world, u can run but u cant hide 😛

  6. Salam Shahirah!Thank you for linking me up!and for this amazing list of BTBs.I’ve been reading your blog and it has been super helpful ❤

    psst…my wedding date is 27th Nov 2016 insyaallah doakan ye..^^

    1. Wassalam!

      You are very much welcome and thank YOU for finding my blog helpful. I dun think it helped me dat much hahaha! Full of nonsensical blabbers aje when i read back 😂

      In Shaa Allah your wedding will be as smooth as mine did if not, smoother. Dun stress2 and just enjoy the process 🙂 i will update ur date soon!

  7. Hello! I love to come to here and bloghopping to other BTB’s blog, love how there is a platform to share all our wedding preparations! I am a 2017 btb hehehe!

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