Sometime in 2009 They met!

26 October 2010 Got together!

25 September 2011 Got engaged!

27 September 2012 Applied for a BTO unit through the Sale of Balance Flats Exercise!

23 April 2014 Became owners of a BTO unit!

09 June 2014 Renovation has begun!

25 October 2014 WEDDING DAY!

29 October 2014 Honeymoon!


3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Hallo hallo dear..hope all ur plans are going good. I started a new blog so could I link u up.. 🙂
    Nad(formerly coffeecouplecahwin)

    1. Eh hello Nad! how are you? Hopefully happy and revitalized 😀

      My plans are ok, just waiting for the day to come and be done LOL! penat already u know. and money lagi D:

      1. teehee..definitely happy and super revitalized haha..but rejoined back the btb bandwagon lol..nasib got prior experience jadi senang sikit now..countdown jer babe..and enjoy ur wedding..sure on that day all the penat n money spent worth it

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