Event Details

Type: Combined Wedding
Solemnization: Saturday, 25 October 2014, 10am
Lunch Reception: Saturday, 25 October 2014, 11am to 5pm

Catering – Doulath Catering Services
Decor – Kasai Sayang
Andaman – Ratu Weddings FB & Ratu Weddings
Venue – Voiddeck
Photography – Bliss PhotoCinema
Videography – –

Kursus Rumahtangga – APKIM
Photobooth/Guestbook – Wishing Wand
DJ/Entertainment – Xcluesif Productions
Bridal Henna – Ratu Weddings FB & Ratu Weddings Slot: 23 October 2014, 8pm
Gubahan for Hantaran – BONITO by Bob
Bunga Rampai – Kasai Sayang
Sirih Junjung – Gubahan Klasique
Sirih Dara – Kasai Sayang
Bunga Pahar – Gubahan Klasique
Kompang – AKRAB Kompang Services
Invitation Cards – The Card Maison
Bridal Hand Bouquet – Kasai SayangRatu Weddings FB & Ratu Weddings
Dessert – Choo Choo Churros
Wedding Cake – Cake Love Couture via Kasai Sayang
Wedding Favours – Telur Asin from Swee Leong Eggs Distributors
Decorative Boxes – Berkat Inc.

Gift Ideas

Ardian to Shahirah
1. Mas Kahwin
2. Wedding Ring + Cheque (Duit Hantaran)
3. Sejadah
4. Telekung

Shahirah to Ardian
1. Wedding Band
2. Sejadah
3. Jubah
4. Playstation4 + 1 Game


18 thoughts on “Event Details

    1. oh i got them thru Kasai Sayang’s Decor promotion. i signed decor with KS and they offered cake from CLC as freebie.

      itulah, yesterday i just read CLC’s fb and byk negative response. i takot oso la bcos my cake is a freebie.

      1. Yeahh… I really love CLC’s work. Very neat and omg so beautiful. But skrg da mcm tak active on FB and I’m not even sure whether their shop is still operating. Perhaps you can get it checked with KS? But if they are still operating as per normal behind the scenes and still upholding their standard, I think you’d have a very beautiful wedding cake babe 😉

      2. Just read on the comment reply box that they are doing some moving(?) and is still in operation. Maybe I can try to ask KS abt them la.

        All in all, to me a wedding cake is just a cake la. It wont make or break a wedding. Just my opinion 🙂

  1. salam dear, may i ask how bliss is charging. Im starting to have buyers remorse for my photog choice and am looking at either bliss or project pixel but needa see if fit my budget. :,(

  2. I booked Bliss!! Thanks dear!!my mom super loved their work n its just so worth it with 2 photographer..super grateful to u for the email.<3 and I noticed ur gubahan tray is by Bonito 🙂 🙂 U decided to go for him 🙂

    1. YAY! fellow Bliss-er! actually bliss wasnt my first choice but my fiance preferred their editting so ok la. give and take. anyways, you’re welcome, BTBs help each other along the way and im glad that i could do that.

      yaaaa! initially i booked another provider, haven had the time to story2 yet. will update soonest! 😀

  3. Hello there! I was bloghopping some of the btbs blogs and came across yours..love reading with full of helpful infos! i was wondering if you can share kasai sayang bunga rampai price list? (can email me: marissa_rahmat@hotmail.com) i’m new here tho (infinity20sixteen.wordpress.com) hehe! thanks babe! 🙂

    1. hello you new BTB you! bestnya lagi 2.5 yrs to plan HAHAHAHA i wish i hav 2.5 yrs to go seh 😛

      thank you for finding my blog helpful tho i myself think that it is not helping me at all LOL! so anyhow la my blog 😛

      anyways, i da email you. happy planning! 😀

  4. salam sis shahirah, my mum been bugging me nak kasi egg and egg for berkat, which I really dread that, I wanted to give something else haha, do u mind sharing wif me ur the egg prices for 1000+ guests! tank u in advance!! ;)) u cn email me at azanizah2112@gmail.com

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