Not 1 but 2

Hello Girls!

I am still alive la, don’t worry. Just that nothing much to update post wedding&honeymoon since this IS a wedding blog ma.

And please don’t be deceived by the title eh! 😛

Anyway, last weekend, my parents and brothers (yes I forced mama to drag my brothers to jemputans now, takkan asik me aje yang kene attend. I did not attend as I have to visit the ILs) attended a wedding hosted by ayah’s cousin (whose son is S.hah I.skandar. information really not that important right but he is my paternal second cousin hahahaha!).

That night, mama called to update me on the day’s event and as usual, I only hear bits and pieces of it LOL! but what caught my attention was when she said they took a photo at the photobooth and had to pay $2 for a copy.
$2!!! 2 FUCKING DOLLARS sak for a copy!!!

So expensive for wat. Macam daylight robbery seh. Unfortunately, mama did not get the company name (wasted) if not da terpampang kat sini.

But really, in all seriousness, $2 for a copy is toofuckingmuch la.

22 thoughts on “Not 1 but 2

  1. haha oh! I finally understand your blog post title lolol. slow sikit. funny how my mum complained about $2 photobooth prices over the weekend too! sama wedding kot. I experienced it for myself… the vendor was zu-youknowwhat creations. amboiii.

      1. Yes i knew it babe. Ur face really look like your mum. Then i told myself, die ade adik kembar tak, i scroll and scroll ur blog and yes, u have. Yes, U are my second cousin. Omg! I rmbr my younger days i went to kampung at pontian if im not wrong maybe u u guys or who hv a house there and take picture with your two siblings. Dah besar eh dorang. What a small world babe!

      2. same eh? many ppl da comment pun we both mcm photocopy of each other. I told my hubby dulu2 time dating to pre-alert him ah, “i will look like my mama in future tau” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        my younger brothers not twins, dorg 2 yrs difference. many ppl thought twins oso but actually not la. and ya! my atok dulu ade kampung at pontian (dunno what happen to it now) but i tak favourite seh pegi sana cos i minah bandar LOL! but for the life of me, I tak find you familiar seh i am so sorry hahahaha! my bad 😦 if u still have the pic, can email me at i wanna see, maybe from there i can recognise u ke. heh.

  2. $4 for 2 copies, if you print yourself you’ll get more than just two copies. lol!
    and i wonder how much do the bride and groom paid for their service, sometimes you just don’t know if vendors are being genuine enough or no with their prices and service.

    1. thats why la. print at kedai gmbr cheaper seh.

      ure right. vendors will quote the bride n groom this much this much for their services and on top of that, charge our guests this much this much. their profit is times 2 if not more seh!

      anyhows, I hope you girls yg looking for photobooth services ask the vendors whthr are they charging your guests or not. I feel mcm not nice for them to be charged.

  3. Hiiii!! macam dah lama tak berbual in blog! heheheheh. I also thought your not 1 but 2 title very deceiving!! heehhehe but $2 is too much leh. I will probably have to think about alternative photobooth methods! all these companies are charging too much eh! melampau, I wont be surprised if next yr it will naik to 3.50 or 3! dah macam harga dengdeng. every yr naik!

    1. Hello! its been awhile eh!

      eh dun liddat la but doa2kan yee 🙂

      if you can, just ask your preferred vendor are they charging for their copies or not. if yes, cari yg lain sua la. cannot la, kesian seh your guests kene pay just for keepsake purposes.

      HAHAHAHAHA trust you to compare prices with food eh! 😛

      1. Hehehh. kadang2 mengamok kejap la babe, asik asik naikkan harga! nak celen pricing dengdeng. tsk tskkkk. too much…did u do photobooth for your wedding?

      2. I did! Mine was Wishing Wand. I asked WW whether they charge guests or not and they said no and its unfair to the guests. I took up the unlimited one but my guests tak gerek ah hahahahahah! So mcm a bit waste of money la since they tak utilise sgt.

      3. Wooo…Wishing Wand is like the best kan! Is the price berpatutan? Heheheh, i also thinking if I should have it or not. I see like gerek if our guests actually participate la…kalau tidak, waste money, like what u said!

      4. berpatutan if your guests fully utilise the photobooth la. if not, waste money seh. mine i felt mcm waste money cos my guests tak gerek!!! and I took up their unlimited package lagi adoii! hahahahaha masih bitter ni. and dun have to pay for copies k, FOC cos we paid for the service already ma.

      5. your guests mostly elders eh?? 1 of my gfs’ wedding, we diy-ed her photobooth so we actually went to the elders to take their photos with props all! Because kadang elders drg susah sikit kan nak pegi photobooth area, so we went to them! If i were get a photobooth station, i would want them to do that seh…so that tak wasted!

        heehhe but if unlimited photos, very worth it. guests also will feel good cause tak ya bayar apa2!! I shall go and enquire further la! hehehehe

      6. Mostly middle-aged and elders. Our parents relatives and friends ma. Not say tak gerek la but they rather chit chat and enjoy the food. Photobooth2 ni smua kan nonsense to them LOL!

        Anyhows, yup u better enquire fast! Takot dorg nye terms n conditions change jeng3 maklumlah byk competition in the industry.

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